2016 Christmas Collection – Hope and Play Shop

2016 Christmas Collection

Orders are posted first class from the UK within 48 hours of order

Our 2016 Christmas collection is raising funds for work with traumatised children in Gaza. We are hoping to put another 500 children through 4 months of psychosocial therapy, direct educational intervention, workshops and an end of programme party with the proceeds of this Christmas's collection. Once again no staff costs or admin will remain here in the UK:

  • Calendars, t-shirts, badges - all profit from these will go to Gaza. Your purchase will cover simply the cost of printing / creating the items.
  • Cards and prints - all artwork has been donated by Jackie. The full price of your purchase will go to Gaza.
  • Woollens - all woollens have been donated by Amal. The full price of your purchases will go to Gaza.
  • Postage and packing - all postage and packing costs are best estimates based on Royal Mail. If there is any excess, it will also go to the projects.

All time, advertising and admin costs are being picked up by the trustees and volunteers.