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LAST YEAR's 2023 Calendar - Beautiful Palestine



Amongst the hardship, the violence, the dispossession and the killing, Palestinians make space for beauty. Whether in poetry, in art, in music or simply in daily resistance.

Palestinians love life. And love beauty.

That’s the beauty we are commemorating with this year’s calendar for Hope and Play.

It’s a hard-won beauty, a bittersweet beauty, and a beauty that’s often wrought of a pain that shouldn’t be suffered.

But it is beauty. Whether in Palestinian hearts, or those of our supporters. Our children or our love of football. Our ceramics or our embroidery.

And your support will enable our partners on the ground in Gaza to work with Gaxa's traumatised children to rediscover some of the beauty of childhood that is denied them.

The full profit from each calendar, meaning the amount you pay less production and sales costs, will go to our goal of reaching 400 children with a 10 month trauma programme in 2023.

The Calendar is A4 size, with the images on display on the top page, and the dates on the bottom page.

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