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Woolen Crocheted Universe Bracelets (Lucky Dip)


Playful, colourful, unique hand-crocheted Universe Bracelets in a variety of colours and in luxurious wools.

Made by Amal from Artknits by Amal, you will get a lucky dip of one from the various designs, some of which you see here.

Stack them together to create a unique look. 

Jerusalem born grandmother Amal, now living in exile in Spain, has been having what she describes as "a love affair with wool, needle and hook" for over 30 years. She loves nothing more than mixing textures, colours and designs into her exquisite crafts, and her creations earn rave reviews and fans on Ravelry and Etsy, as well as whenever they are displayed in craft fairs.

All are one-off designs, all are hand crafted. And all proceeds are donated 100% to Hope and Play.

All colours are a lucky dip! Select how many you want, and we'll pick up a mix to send to you!

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