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Olive Trees and Doves Wall Print


In December of 2014, Ziad Abu Ein, a Palestinian minister, was killed while on a peaceful demonstration to plant olive trees in Palestinian land that was about to be confiscated by the Israeli military. This olive print is dedicated to his memory.

A print original with a focus on olives. Olives have a strong economic, political and emotional resonance for Palestinians. The olive branch was famously offered out in peace to Israel by Yasser Arafat at the United Nations in 1974, olives are a major economic agricultural product providing many Palestinian livelihoods, and the olive tree for many Palestinians represents the age-old roots that they have in the land.

Since 1967, aware of their economic, political and cultural centrality to Palestinians, Israel has uprooted nearly one million Palestinian olive trees, denying thousands of Palestinians of their livelihoods.

As these are originals, they vary in colour and a little in imagery, but each image as evocative as the last.

Size approx from 30cm x 30cm to 33cm x 33cm

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