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2021 Calendar: Palestine Cares - traditional herbal medicines of Palestine


Palestine’s hills, mountains and valleys are covered with more than 2600 species of plants. As with many other indigenous populations, herbal medicine is an integral part of our culture.

Over the centuries, Palestinian ingenuity has found ways to use over 700 of these species as medicinal herbs and botanical pesticides. They are used to treat skin disorders, diabetes, hypertension, digestive issues, kidney disorders and many more ailments.

Hope and Play's 2021 calendar shares with you 12 of the most popular and traditional herbs used for major and minor conditions.

Each month has beautiful original artwork of a plant or herb traditionally used in Palestine for a remedy, with a description below of how to prepare it and what it is used for. All are simple!

As always, the full profit from each calendar sold will go to our ongoing projects with traumatised Palestinian children in Gaza. The artwork, the proof-reading, the recipes have all been kindly donated by our volunteers (thank you!).

The Calendar is A4 size, with the image and preparation on display on the top page, and the dates on the bottom page.

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