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Here is a recommended reading list about the Palestinian cause. It is by no means comprehensive, just a list of books we like and believe give a good grounding in the topic.

The Promise

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Our first is not a book at all. It is a video drama, made by Jewish director Peter Kominsky, about the formation of the state of Israel, and the simultaneous killing of Palestinian aspirations for independence. Although the characters are fictitious, the events and cornerstones of the plot are not. It traces the foundation of Israel in 1948 from the perspective of the British who had a mandate in Palestine at the time.


Israeli Apartheid

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This is an excellent primer on the topic of apartheid against the Palestinian Muslims and Christians in Israel. It covers the ground from basic principles, and as such is excellent reading whether or not you have much knowledge on the Palestinian question.


Popular resistance in Palestine

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Palestinian American and Christian, activist Mazen Qumsiyeh lives his topic. Through his excellent blog and website, Mazen shows what resistance in Palestine looks like on a daiky basis. As an academic, he has also meticulously charted the history of popular movements in Palestine against occupation right to the present day. A great read.


The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

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Superb and heavily researched book by Israeli academic Ilan Pappe, who lost his post over his openness on Israel's past, thus demonstrating Israel's policy of shutting up opponents. This shows how the founding fathers of Israel, including Ben Gurion and the architects of Zionism, were all more honest at the time about the fact that they were cleansing Palestine of her inhabitants than today's politicians are.


Stolen Youth

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Defence for children International is an organisation that works for the freedom of children. It is very active in the occupied Palestinian lands because there are hundreds of children in detention in Israeli prisons. In this book they meticulously document some of the cases of child detention that they deal with. No child should go through what they describe.


Palestine, peace not apartheid

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Ex US president Jimmy Carter, who was the first president to broker a deal between Israel and any Arab state, writes a book based on his personal experience about his views on the prospects for peace for Palestinians and Israelis. "The bottom line is this", he writes. "Peace will come to Israel and the Middle East only when the Israeli government is willing to comply with international law". On current tracks, however, he fears that we are allowing a system of "oppression, apartheid, and sustained violence".


Targeting Israeli Apartheid

We've not yet read this book, but its promise looks strong. From their own site. "Targeting Israeli Apartheid examines the Israeli economy and details the Israeli and international companies complicit in Israeli state repression. Based on original research in Palestine, the book shows how these companies can be targeted and provides the international BDS movement with the information necessary to bring the Palestinian struggle to the doorsteps of those who profit from Israeli apartheid."