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"The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis." Dante Alighieri

Freedom not Fashion is a tiny part of a much bigger global movement to bring justice to Palestinians. We design and print shirts to spread the message, and donate all the profit to a charity that supports Palestinian children living under occupation or in refugee camps with education, play and growth.

Local and global pressure brought down the Berlin Wall, and it will bring down its bigger cousin, the Israeli occupation wall. It ended the injustices of South African apartheid, and it will end the injustices of its Israeli brother. Big media can no longer pull the wool over our eyes about what is happening in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel. The abuses are there to see for everyone who wants to look for them in 10 minutes on the Internet.

The Palestinian struggle is not just about nationhood or politics. It is about ending injustice, inequality and oppression. People who care and fight for justice are standing up with and for the Palestinians.

Don't stand by and watch abuse. Join us. Buy a shirt. Wear the message. Support Palestinian children.