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About Us

Hope and Play is a UK charity (reg with charities commission no. 1125609) that supports Palestinian children's right to play, to learn, and to grow in an environment that is peaceful, joyful and loving.

This is the right of every child on this planet, but is sadly denied to many Palestinians living under occupation or in refugee camps in the Middle East. We support those rights by funding children's projects in those areas, and by raising awareness of their plight.

This shop is hosted by Hope and Play. However, all the products sold on it are sold by separate organisations and individuals who are donating either the full proceeds or the full profits to Hope and Play. As such, please note that your purchase contract is with them, not with Hope and Play, and they are responsible for the products you have bought and their delivery.

In addition, as they are independent of Hope and Play, we are not responsible for any of their statements or stances, and although there will likely be overlap in these, Hope and Play's own vision and goals are separate from the organisations and individuals here.

To find out more about Hope and Play, please go to our main site or our Facebook page.