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2022 Growing Resistance Calendar


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Survival under siege is no small challenge. When that siege is accompanied by a collapsing infrastructure and recurrent violence, the challenge is exacerbated tenfold.

This is what it is to live in Gaza today. We are one year past when the UN declared Gaza to be uninhabitable. Uninhabitable, yet inhabited by 2 million people. About a million of them are children. And many of those children seeing the fourth major aerial bombardment and near carpet-bombing of their short lives.

In those circumstances, merely to survive is resistance. And so the theme of our 2022 calendar is Growing Resistance. Because the hardest form of resistance is just to make sure your family is fed.

The calendar features beautiful artwork of how Palestinian resistance is reflected in farming and natural produce. Gaza's resourceful population making the improbably happen under siege. Rooftops with aquaponics farms. The Jaffa oranges that predated the creation of the state of Israel. And the market in Jerusalem where so much produce was, and is, sold.

We celebrate Palestinian resourcefulness and resistance in our 2022 calendar. All profit this year will be toward supporting Palestinian children's trauma therapy projects. Sadly still in need, and exacerbated after Israel's assault on Gaza earlier in the year.

The Calendar is A4 size.

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