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Ahed Tote Bag


There have been on average 500 to 700 Palestinian children are detained and prosecuted in Israeli courts every year. Torture, mental and physical, is commonplace. As is solitary confinement. Children are forced to sign confessions in Hebrew, a language that most don't speak.

This came to the world's attention in the middle of 2017 with the arrest of Ahed Tamimi for slapping an Israeli soldier after he had come into her family house, and her cousin had been shot in the face.

Ahed paid for that slap with several months' detention in an Israeli military prison.

These cotton tote bags pay tribute to Ahed, with all proceeds going to support other Palestinian children living under occupation or brutality, and raising the profile of her unjust imprisonment. The wording on the bag plays on Roger Waters' famous song with Pink Floyd, and his remarkable support for Palestinian human rights.

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