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2020 Calendar - Sweet Palestinian (Remaindered)

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Remaindered from last year - the recipes still work, and the pics are good :)

Hope and Play's 2020 calendar celebrates the traditional sweets and desserts of Palestine. Dare we hope that this is now our best calendar yet?

Sweets are an important part of Palestinian culture. They feature heavily especially at religious festivals, be that Eid, Christmas or Easter. It has for generations been one of the joys of a Palestinian child’s life to be spoiled by adults dishing out sweets at festival time.

Which is not to say that the adults aren’t also somewhat partial to them! Whether served on their own during visits, or after a meal, or in a visit to a cafe or pastry shop, our traditional sweets are an integral part of our heritage.

In our calendar, stunning original artwork of a sweet dish heralds in each month, with the ingredients and recipe underneath. From Kunafeh from the heart of Nablus, to awamat, to the overly addictive harissa. We dare you to stick only to one a month!

As with the last few years, the full profit from each calendar sold will go to our ongoing projects with traumatised Palestinian children in Gaza. The artwork, the proof-reading, the recipes have all been kindly donated by our volunteers (thank you!).

The Calendar is A4 size, with the recipe and images on display on the top page, and the dates on the bottom page.

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