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Launch October 25, 2011 05:51

The word is out. Freedom For Palestine by OneWorld, made up of a number of musicians including Faithless' Maxi Jazz and Dave Randall, is the first mainstream song released in support of justice for Palestinians. So it only peaked at 79 in the UK charts, and number 10 in the UK indie charts. But it shows that momentum is building up which recognises that the Palestinian issue is not just about statehood. It is about justice and the end of oppression. In our About Us page, you will see that the support for this struggle for freedom is very broad based, and is snowballing.

The cause of Palestine and the Palestinians is today's South Africa. Thanks to social media and the rise of news sources that are no longer controlled by the establishment, we are all seeing the pictures of slaughter in Gaza, seeing the UK government changing its own laws to protect suspected war criminals, hearing about continued settlements into Palestinian land destroying existing Palestinian Christian and Muslim homes, schools and cemeteries. And the voices around the world saying "enough" are getting louder by the day.

We are launching this site and our shirts in support of this struggle. Our shirts are each designed around a specific theme, a specific injustice. And in our product description for each one, we share with you the background behind that particular theme.

All profits from this venture go to support a children's cause in Palestine. So if you believe in justice, equality and the end of oppression, and are prepared to say so, then please buy a shirt and most importantly, wear it. 

Your voice will be heard. Your voice will make a difference.