The New "New "Peace Talks"" July 21, 2013 12:18


I guess they're calling them "Peace Talks" because the more accurate "Peace for Israel from the Western press so that it can accelerate its land grab of Palestinian homes and farms while continuing its abuse of the Palestinian civilians without being noticed" isn't quite as catchy as a headline.

 There seems to be a lot going on with regards to Palestinians and Israelis right now. In this last week, we've had reports of a resumption of the "Peace [for Israel, Palestinians be damned] Process", of how the UK has sold nearly £8bn of military equipment to Israel, a country who's human rights record the UK 'says' it is concerned about, and on the positive side, the EU closing its funding doors to projects which benefit the illegal Israeli settlements (i.e. all of them under international law) in the West Bank.

In the background, we also had reports of Israeli military abducting a 5 year old child for throwing stones and subsequently abducting and blindfolding his father simply for being the child' father. We also had reports of mass protests by Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza, inside Israel and elsewhere against Israel's project to ethnically cleanse over 30,000 and up to 70,000 Palestinians from their homes in the Naqab (Negev) inside of Israel.


Therein lies the rub. Israel continues to demand "peace" while besieging Gaza and crippling its people metaphorically and literally; while abusing Palestinians under occupation in the West Bank, including their children; while ethnically cleansing Palestinians from their homes both inside Israel and in the occupied lands; while their wall that dwarfs the Berlin wall and which has been deemed illegal by the International Court of Justice grabs much of the West Bank for Israel; and while systematically legalising and following discriminatory (i.e. apartheid) policies against the native Palestinian Moslem and Christian population.

Is it any wonder that I and pretty much every Palestinian I know views these 'talks' with suspicion at best, but more likely with trepidation for their consequences? The last major talks and 'agreement' in Oslo resulted in a trebling of the illegal settler population in the West Bank (flouting not only Oslo, but also the Geneva conventions on Human Rights) and a hardening of the siege on Gaza. No, these talks are sadly about reducing international pressure on Israel while it continues its project of the clearing of Palestinians from their homes and annexing their land.

The only real game changer on the horizon, and the one we must all support, is Palestinian Civil Society's call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel. It is a call on all of us to bring pressure to bear on Israel, as we did to South Africa before it, to change its ways and respect universal human rights. Israel must know that civilians around the world, regardless of the corrupt actions of their governments, will not support these abuses and that they must stop. As with South Africa, the order of events will likely be some people of conscience first, followed by cultural stars, followed by a mass of civilians as they find out the reality about Israel, and finally the governments which can no longer avoid popular sentiment.

That road has started for justice and to end Israeli abuse - the movement is organised, many early wins have happened and a number of pop icons have woken up to the abuse and cancelled visits to Israel. It is now down to every civilian of conscience to support and act on the call to boycott, divest from and sanction against Israel.