The Zionist's Justification January 27, 2012 16:57

Don't call my racist policies apartheid;

In fact don't call them racist.

When I give special privileges to my group

And deny it from all the others,

It is not because my policies are racist, or apartheid, or bigoted or discriminatory.

It is because we are chosen

And you are not.


Don't call it ethnic cleansing,

Or forced expulsion.

When I take away your land

And rename your villages with my names,

When I forbid you from returning home

And uproot your generations-old trees

To build shopping malls,

It is because people of my religion

Unlike those of all other religions

Demand a land to live in to the exclusion of others,

Even if they have lived there for centuries

And even if many of my religion disagree with me.

Don't call it piracy.

When I raid your boats,

Or indeed the boats of others

Who bring aid and food to your brothers,

And kill some of the crew

In waters that don't belong to you

Or to me,

Then it is in self defence,

Lest some of your baby food

Or medicine

Or toys

Can be propelled at me at high speed

And bruise my insatiable greed.

Don't call it state terrorism

When my bombs cascade down on your family

Or my soldiers abduct your children

Or my army prevents food from entering your mouth

Or even your land.

My militants wear uniforms

And drive sophisticated tanks and planes

sometimes remotely,

And that makes them an army

(the world's most moral, as you must know)

And not terrorists,

Though to you much of what they do

Looks and smells of the terror of a state bent on your suffering and destruction.


Don't call it kidnap

When my soldiers enter your house

And abduct your children without warrant

Or accusation

Or rationale other than that you are Palestinian.

And when we beat or threaten your children

To force them to confess and sign in writing

Documents in a language they do not understand,

Then don't call it abuse

And definitely don't call it torture.

I am sure I saw them throwing stones earlier

Either at a tank, or maybe at the wall

Or maybe it was another child

Or just a dream

It doesn't really matter, they are still guilty of being your children and your future.


Don't call it an apartheid wall

Or a wall of oppression

Or an occupation wall

Or a land-grab wall.

It is a security fence

Innocuous as the Berlin wall that it dwarfs

And is for my protection

Against your wishes to be treated as a human in your own land.


Must I remind you that I was murdered, maimed and expelled at the hands of the Nazis?

And that this gives me the right to murder, maim and expel you?

And to demand that no one talks of it as murder, maiming and expulsion?

For to mention my crimes would be anti-semitism

As I am entitled to do whatever I please because of my holocaust,

and the world owes me that.

(Oh, and don't call them crimes.

Because of my history, all my crimes should be called self-defence).


Most of all, don't call it Palestine.

Just because your parents and theirs and theirs lived there for centuries

For much of that time they were occupied by Ottomans, Brits, Turks and Crusaders,

So you forfeit your rights as a human,

And especially the right to call it Palestine.

Call it "Israel".

That is what I believe it was called for about a century

Three thousand years ago.

And that means you are invented, and I am not.