St George fights against England April 23, 2014 13:42

Here's the irony. St George was a Palestinian saint. He gained his fame not only for dragon-slaying, but also for standing up against persecution of Christians in the Holy Land.

So if he were alive today, that would mean standing up against the main persecutors of today's Christians in the Holy Land, which means Israel, which has been occupying and ethnically cleansing Christians from Palestine for the best part of a century now.

And who are Israel's most prominent supporters and backers? Well aside from the US, the UK would count itself in the first rank of supporters of Israel, including with supplies to the Israeli military in the billions of pounds sterling.

So if he were alive today, England would be supplying arms to the army that would be fighting against St George. Think of that, Cameron, as you affirm your Christian faith.

Photo from article about St George on the BBC today.