Come live in our freshly (ethnically) cleansed land December 03, 2013 13:09


"Come bring your children for a new life in paradise. You'll have to buy offplan, as we can only start building once we've turfed off the children who currently live there and forced them into a shanty existence elsewhere."

Come live in Carmit. You will be living in a modern paradise. Brand new restaurants, bars, museums galleries, cinemas, theatres and shopping centres (inevitably) are all being built. Educational opportunities will be rife for your children with the plethora of schools nearby as well as major universities. There is also a "wide variety of social and cultural activities following school hours; at youth clubhouses, the library and many sports facilities". A vision for a new life, encapsulated by the pretty schoolgirl holding her pot plant, symbolic of the new roots you will be laying down in your new home.

Except that there are already generations-old roots there. Up to 70,000 of them. And having already been turfed off two thirds of their land to make way for military training grounds for the Israeli army, the 70,000 Palestinian natives of the Negev will be unceremoniously dumped on a truck for relocation to a city slum. That's quite aside from the several thousand inhabitants of the Negev who were already expelled by Israel and rounded up into Gaza, where Israel's army takes pot shots at them from the air at will.

You see, Carmit is in the Negev (Naqab in Arabic), and Israel is in the process of giving its generations-old inhabitants their own new start. The price of the wonderful development being sold to Jews across Europe and the US is a forced relocation for these Palestinians from their homes to cramped slums. How else to make way for the shiny new shopping centres, cinemas, bars and swimming pools for the Israeli Jews and immigrants who wish to come and live on stolen land?

This is a story common in the West Bank, where the act of building settlements, shopping malls and theme parks on destroyed homes, farms and even cemetries of Palestinian families, Muslim and Christian, is commonplace. Israel there is breaking Geneva conventions in how it is treating an occupied population.

But the Negev is not even in the West Bank. It is inside of Israel, and the Palestinian natives it is forcibly cleansing are Israeli citizens in law. Admittedly 3rd class citizens in its openly Apartheid system, but citizens nonetheless.

There is a definition for this in international law. The forcible deportation of populations is defined as a crime against humanity by the International Criminal Court. Let's not mince words here, what Israel is in the process of doing (and has been for the entire 65 years of its existance) is a Crime Against Humanity.

It would be ironic if it weren't so outrageous. If you immigrate to Israel (meaning if it's not your home, but you'd like to come live there as a Jew), then you're promised assistance from the government in "Financial, Hebrew studies, [...] housing, employment, business entrepreneurship and University tuition fees". This is the same government that has to date denied even the basics of infrastructure, such as running water and electricity, to the current inhabitants of that area. So even as a Brit who wants to move to help Israel's ethnic cleansing project, you would be given significant funding and support while the basics are being denied to the current inhabitants as they happen inconveniently to be the Palestinian natives of the land.

So while the US sheds crocodile tears over its history and what the colonialists there did to the indigenous population, it funds to the tune of several billion dollars an army in Israel that is doing many of the same heinous crimes against the indigenous population there. And never to be left behind, the UK is one of the major suppliers of military equipment to that army.

Israel's current prime minister, Netanyahu, without the slightest hint of irony says that "We will continue to advance the law for a better future for all residents of the Negev". Clearly, he misplaced the word future - he is promising betterment for the future residents of the Negev, as the law he is talking about is to remove the native inhabitants of the Negev, up to 70,000 in all, from their homes to slums.

Yet the organisations that fund these crimes against humanity are given charitable status in the UK and the US, which means not only do they not pay tax, but they take from the public purse through Gift Aid. Indeed, the most effective organisation at expelling Palestinians from their homes and giving them to immigrant Jews is the Jewish National Fund, which is not only a charity, but also until very recently counted David Cameron as its patron.

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